Bombs Detonated Near Annual Horse-Racing Event in Durban.

On Saturday evening, several bombs were detonated at the annual Vodacom Durban July horse-racing event. The explosions occurred surrounding the Greyville racecourse and while the bombs were detonated near attendees of the event, no one sustained any injuries.

According to Captain Nqobile Gwala, ““At Marriott Road just after 10pm a device was found under a vehicle…The second incident took place at Avondale and Milner road after 11pm after an unknown device exploded on a vehicle. The explosives unit members went to the scene to investigate what type of devices were used. Investigations are still continuing.”

The Saturday Durban July bomb incident was the third of its kind in the Durban area as of late. However, it is the first to have resulted in explosions. Just last week, two bombs were found in Woolworths stores at the Gateway and Pavillion shopping centers. Luckily, neither neither of those bombs were detonated. Arson investigations have been launched in tandem with the bomb investigations due to the way in which the bomb devices were made to resemble a torch.

Despite the seriousness of these incidents, law agencies have refused to speak on the details of the cases, as they are on-going investigations.

By: Mikayla Tetreault, Staff Writer