Tshwane Mayor Solly Msimanga confronts claims head on that Tshwane doesn’t service colored townships.

Featured Image Credit: @SollyMsimanga/Twitter

JOHANNESBURG –  Violent protests broke out in the area yesterday which resulted in clashes between residents and law enforcement officials resulting in multiple injuries.

Residents are demanding housing and better service delivery. 

The mayor says the city is willing to address concerns and asked for residents to be patient. He also firmly requested residents to allow the city to render services in the affected area and to accept alternative residential areas which the city suggests they occupy.

The mayor also spoke out directly condemning claims that his city does not service colored townships.

“Some people with racial tones, are coming from there to say if something is happening in Mamelodi because it’s black people it’s being addressed but if it’s coloured people it’s not. Which is unfortunate and smacks of racism and those are the things we need to nip in the butt.”