Cape Town International Airport rename process currently underway.

CAPE TOWN – The process to rename Cape Town International Airport is currently underway.

The South African government program initiative of the Transformation of Heritage Landscape and in line with the South African Geographical Names Council Act of 1998 has concluded the name change to be necessary.

The proposals are being; Nelson Mandela, Albertina Sisulu, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and Robert Sobukwe.

Deon Cloete of Airports Company South Africa has indicated that these four are not the only proposals but that other names are still be put forward.

“What we do as the custodian of the airport, we facilitate the process and allow for the right conversations to happen. Ultimately, we’ll compile a report and some of the conclusive and recommendations will flow from there. The process is underway.”

Alongside Cape Town International Airport there are four other airports currently under review for name changes.