The South Coast of SA; a hidden gem waiting to be fully realized. Value for money can be found along SA’s infamous under developed retirement coastline.

Down the South Coast of SA one can find the most attractive sandy beaches, property and tourism hot spots that SA has to offer. The relaxed atmosphere along with a pleasant climate and warm ocean clearly outlines why this is a favorite retirement destination. Not only is it a retirement gem but also a favorite and frequently visited destination among many from the country’s interior population.

Looking deeper into the holiday hot spot or tranquil retirement atmosphere there is further great growth potential and value for money to be realized through development.

The greater areas stretching north and south along the coastline beginning from the town Margate remain largely under developed. For a mere R800 000 one can purchase a free standing home in this paradise near the sea or an apartment with a sea view for even less.

With current government initiatives underway to create more economically situated highways, driving an in flux of visitors, one can only hope this paradise will finally be realized.